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KAM continues to produce precast concrete products with advanced technology and superior quality standards, since its establishment in 1980. KAM, with the vision and self-renewal structure, gives life to new technologies in Turkey’s most modern precast plants. 

As a result of the R&D studies of “KAM precast focus group”, the    technology offers high resistance against earthquake since 2008. The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey regarded  Technology as worthy of support since the technology qualified as invention.


 is the technology of production of high strength products which is attained as a result of the perfect combination of superior quality concrete and superior quality steel.


KAM accelerated its studies cooperated with METU (Middle East Technical University), and initiated laboratory tests with the aim of illustrating the excellence of the performance of    technology under seismic loads with proven in scientific data.


In August 2009 edition of precast industry´s most prestigious German-based magazine CPI (Concrete Plant International) which is printed in 126 countries had given wide coverage of “  Technology“ and considered the invention of this technology as valuable to the world’s precast literature.


For the first time in the world, a roof truss with 31-meter long span, and a 29-meter long one-piece precast column (at the height of a 10-storey building) were produced by means of this technology. This one-piece precast concrete column stayed the world’s tallest precast column from 2009 until a taller one was produced by KAM in 2011.


Right now, the world´s tallest one-piece precast concrete column is the one produced with “   Technology” in 2011. This 30.5-meter long column was used in the construction of a factory building in Ankara, the capital city of Turkey.


Technology” is protected under utility model and patent law and all rights belong to KAM ANKARA BETON SANAYI A.S.

Technology”  is protected under utility model and patent law and all rights belong to KAM ANKARA CONCRETE INDUSTRIES INC.

is a KAM A.S. technology.