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Human Resources


Human Resources Policy

For us, the most important asset on the path to success is “people.”. Due to this value, we make a substantial investment in “people”, continuously support the development of our employees and stand by their side in their career path. Our target is to assist and drive the professional and personal development of our employees and ensure that each employee makes progress during the time they spend in this company.

With the awareness that our employees will be happy in a stable and peaceful environment we offer them opportunities which create a high level of motivation where they can adopt and develop the company values and achieve efficiecy and job satisfaction.

Selection and Placement of Employees

We select our employees from among candidates who are willing to adopt the values of our company, and who we believe can stand by our side on our way to meet our targets. Our main principle in the employment process which is made up of application, assessment interview and recruitment stages is to offer each candidate equal opportunities in a fair and unbiased manner. At the end of the fair employment process which we conduct in a meticulous way, we employ the most competent candidates complying with our company principles, who will perpetuate and improve these principles.

Performance Management

We utilize performance management systems which offer objective corporate and individual performance measurement and assessment for both the success of our company and for the aim of adding value to our employees in their career path, and which direct and support the development of our employees.

Social Opportunities

We provide continuous momentum to development opportunities that will make our employees feel the privilege of being a member of KAM. We offer our employees a lot of social opportunities in order to provide them with the vision of a safe and secure future.

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