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About Us

KAM has manufactured precast concrete elements with advanced technology and superior quality since 1980.


KAM has experienced great growth in its industry sector due to its ability to maintain a superior range of products and innovation without compromising on its principles of quality and customer satisfaction. 


Expanding and improving its product range year after year, KAM provides its services with its 620 full time employees under the audit and supervision of a Quality Research and Development laboratory.


KAM conducts its integrated production in two factories, one with a size of 70,000 m² in Ankara Saray and the other with an area of 130,000 m² in Ankara Baskent Organized Industrial Zone. Together these plants cover an area of 200,000 m².


In 2011, KAM continued to dominate the Turkish precast sector with the production of 144,000 m3 of precast concrete products. By producing at a high-level capacity and efficiency, KAM is able to pass the cost savings onto its clients. 


Since 1996, KAM has been carrying out TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System certificate, TSE K 118 (Precast concrete constructions - Quality management systems) certificate, and TS EN, CE certificates for its own products. KAM has adopted Total Quality Management approach and has been using it effectively since 2000. Also, the company has implemented Lean Manufacturing since 2010.


KAM’s internal Project and R&D groups continue its project studies aimed at designing new products and meeting customer needs under the consultancy of METU (Middle East Technical University).


As a result of these R&D activities, KAM’s establishment produced the “Taller, Wider, Stronger” roof truss and column with the name of “  Technology”. The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey regarded   Technology as worthy of support since the technology qualified as inventions.


In 2008, KAM used 29-meter long one-piece precast concrete column (at the height of 10-storey building) with   technology in the construction of a shopping center in Ankara. This was a world record in production of one-piece precast column, considering its height.


In 2011, KAM renewed its own world record by producing a 30.5-meter long one-piece precast column that was used for a factory building in Ankara. 


KAM designs and manufactures the steel forms to be used in the production of elements of different sections and sizes arising from customer demands, and also conducts the production, assembly and the shipment of the precast products with its own teams without using subcontractors. 


KAM will continue to lead the precast industry and take steps for its clients with a sense of responsibility.


Time proves accuracy of KAM.