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We are not alone on this planet. The ecological balance enables all organisms to perpetuate its own species. However, problems such as climate change and global warming that arise from industrialization and wrong usage of external resources cause this delicate balance to be at risk. 

Forests play a significant role in protecting the ecological balance by ensuring the preservation of biodiversity along with its vital functions such as regulating the water regime, preventing erosion and environmental pollution.


Our forests, which host millions of plant and animal species under its green umbrella, preserve and regulate the existence of water,  make positive contributions to climate, and act as stores of oxygen have been facing an extensive destruction process for the last century.


The destruction that is caused by the insensitivity of mankind will only be reversed with the meticulous and conscious attitude of mankind. At this point, the whole society must play important roles. With this perspective, KAM gave the “KAM FOREST” as a gift to the earth in order to pay its due, so that “The future generations live on an earth that is embellished with the beauty of forests.” You can support the “KAM FOREST” with a young tree with each KAM product that you buy. Let’s pass over the most beautiful gift of Mother Nature to the future generations together…